Client Profiles

We want to give you the best travel experience possible and exceed your expectations.

Our tours are structured with the following travelers in mind.

Discriminating - This is for the person who wants the best of the best, whether it be wine, cuisine, shops or gifts. Pristine environments, the best in hotels, restaurants, wines and excursions. Our discriminating traveler will enjoy a private driver, a custom designed holiday, behind the scenes access to the best the Piedmont has to offer.

Adventurous - This is for the person who doesn't want to worry about the details, just the experience. Adventurous travelers will stay in comfortable hotels and will be transported along with no more than eight other traveling companions. Every day will offer a new adventure in dining, learning, relaxing, shopping and tasting.

Independent - The person who wants to be on their own, but tap into the best of what the Piedmont has to offer. This traveler will stay an agritourismo in the wine country, or a b&b in a small village and a schedule that leaves plenty of free time, and access to events and activities on your own pace with the occasional organized cooking class, winery tour or other field trip mixed in. Independent travelers must provide their own transportation.

If you want to talk to a person to help figure out the best Piedmont travel experience give us a call - in Italy +39 333 900 8947 - in America 203-756-2517. Or you can send us an e-mail with your contact info/ best time to call and we will call you.

Wine shops, Restaurants, Importers and Specialty Stores.
Tour Piedmont customizes the tour specifics to match the wines, cheeses and food products you have in your area. Send your clients to us to ensure every detail is considered to provide maximum enjoyment in the Piedmont region.