Why should I book with Tour Piedmont?
Because the Piedmont is what we specialize in. We have reasons for choosing one hotel or restaurant over another. Our classes offer a pleasant mix of culinary, language and historical reference. We want your experience to be unique enough to come back more than once. Our background in business and advertising gives us an edge of high expectations of service for our clients and the fact that we live here lets us give our clients access to unique and authentic experiences.

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How to make a reservation.
Send us an e-mail with your dates and a return telephone number and we will contact you, or if you prefer to call+39 333 900 8947 (remember we are +6 hours from the East coast and +9 from the West), or you can call our U.S. representative at 203-756-2517. You will be sent confirmation of availability and a reservation request to return along with your deposit. We accept payments by credit card via Paypal, checks and wire transfers. We will send you all of the necessary details relating to your trip along with some advance reading and trip planning material.

Where we are - Dove Siamo?
The Piedmont region is famous for truffles, Barbaresco, Barolo and majestic beauty. The Langhe is considered the culinary sweet spot of the Piedmont, and Italy.

Airport connections are easy. One hour from the airport in Torino, two from Milan and 2.5 hours from the airport in Nice.

Is the food and wine really THAT good?
We think so, but so do a couple of respectable magazines; the New York Times and Travel & Leisure have both declared this region to be "the best" that Italy has to offer.

What if I want to book a tour on different days that are listed?

Send us a request and we will see what we can do. Include how many people in your party.

Can I drive my own car?
The short answer is yes. It really depends on how many people are traveling with you.
Get in touch and we will see what we can work out.

What type of dress is appropriate?
We include packing suggestions for each tour in the trip planning material you will receive after booking your trip. Comfort is king, however white sneakers tend to label you as a tourist, which in the end doesn't really matter.

How big are the groups?
Some as small as 2, but never more than 8. If you book a customized private tour you can have as many as you want. We work with wine shops and importers from all over the world taking care of their visiting customers. If you want to arrange a custom tour,
let us know.

Do I have to speak Italian?
No, we speak English and if one of the chefs or purveyors speaks only Italian we will translate it for you. For those studying Italian, we can also integrate an Italian language course into your trip.

What is the current exchange rate?
Check out one of the following web sites for current exchange rates.