Truffle finder & product procurement
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Because we live here, we have connections.
The stories about truffle hunters who go out and "plant" truffles in advance so their clients won't go home empty handed, well, they are true. Unfortunately, the price of truffles is so high, it sometimes leads to less than ethical behavior. We have connections to truffle hunters who would never dream of taking a tourist (sorry, but we have to be honest here) out with them on a truffle hunt. But they consistently bring in the best and the freshest specimens for our clients.

Product Procurement
We have friends in the food importing business and often help them find new sources for cheeses and other unique products from this region.

Contact Donna if you want to score some truffles*, or get in touch with a fantastic cheese maker.

*Payment for any products shipped must be made in advance. We can not be responsible for items held in customs.